WarpWeekend 2003

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What is WarpWeekend ?

WarpWeekend was organized in 2003 to fill the void left by the cancelation of Warpstock Europe 2003. This page will remain open if you ever want to know what happened at WarpWeekend.

WarpWeekend was held at the Multifunctioneel Centrum 't Keerpunt in Roermond, the Netherlands, on October 31 and November 1, 2003. Roermond is located near Aachen and can be reached by railway and road very easy.

Why a WarpWeekend ?

I have always found a yearly OS/2 event very nice to meet people, for talking about our favorite OS, learning about new projects on an OS/2 and eComStation event where people have a change to meet face to face. This is what WarpWeekend intends to be.

WarpWeekend Europe is for developers, software vendors and users of the OS/2 and eComStation operating systems, providing education, information and support for everyone who is interested in these operating systems and related technology.

Although WarpWeekend aims at the very same goals, is not Warpstock Europe! As John Bijnens has reported in his public posting, unfortunately there will be no Warpstock Europe 2003. But there will however be a Warpstock Europe 2004 again, as Bart van Leeuwen and Gerrit Schoenmaker have stepped forward to organize this. And meanwhile WarpWeekend somewhat is to fill the gap until the next years event.

Let me make a personal remark: I know how much trouble John Bijnens has had trying to organize Warpstock Europe 2003, and it is unfortunate that it could not take place. Thanks for all your hard work on this, John!

As a last remark. Please note that WarpWeekend has basicly been organized over the last 2 weeks. It is for this reason that the annouchment took so long to get out!

Roderick Klein
Initiator of WarpWeekend

© 2003 Roderick Klein